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TheOptimized Brewer

Hybrid 12-week online and 4 day in-person training to give you the brewing, cellaring and quality assurance skills you need to go to the next level!



MBA's comprehensive full "Professional Brewer Training" program - designed for those with a serious passion for brewing and are planning to make beer their career or start their own brewery.


The full 11-month program Includes:

  • The Science of Brewing (Water, Hops, Malt + Yeast)

  • Brewing Technology (equipment, sanitization & packaging) 

  • Business of brewing 

  • Building and operating a quality lab.

  • Not only are brewing concepts covered, but team building skills, collaboration, safety, and many opportunities for working hands-on in breweries is also emphasized, including several "brew days".

All classes take place in full-production breweries, and all topics have several professional brewers/cellar persons/owners as the instructors.


There is a 3-week internship where you will turn concepts learned into practice, and several field trips to locations such as Tampa when the experience will aid in your growth as a future brewer.


All content is geared toward the passing of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling's (IBD) General Certificate in Brewing.

Classes generally meet Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-10pm and Saturdays 10-5. Details can be found in the syllabus. The next Nights & Weekends program: 

January 5th - November 18th, 2023 - Miami, Florida

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 1.01.15 PM.png

Next Program - TBD... stay tuned!!

Have questions? Contact Todd at MBA​​
Online Course
Craft Beer Lover


noun_Beer festival_1821190.png

Join MBA and it's alumni on an amazing adventure throughout Germany and the Czech Republic as we explore the nature of the 4 brewing ingredients in their world-class settings. Saaz farms in Zatec, Weyerman malts in Bamberg, Yeast propagation programs at the VLB in Berlin - just a taste of what we'll experience. Your guides are Todd (MBA's Director of Education), and Michel (MBA's European "man on the ground" from Hamburg), both speak German and have traveled extensively through each of the areas of this beer journey, so you're sure to be spoiled by not only visiting world-class sites but small "off the beaten path", and "locals only (Kiezkneipe)" joints. The cost ($1,950) includes all of your travel throughout Germany and the Czech Republic (starting in Bamberg and ending in Hamburg), tours and samples at all of our stops, all hotels (which includes breakfast), and the expert advice and conviviality of your hosts! (*External costs are your travel to Bamberg and from Hamburg, your lunches/dinners, and any souvenirs).

Tentatively - Our next Study Abroad will be: 

Starting in Bamberg, Germany

Dates for 2024 TBD - Stay Tuned!

Have questions? Contact Todd at MBA​​
Beer School Graduaton

2-Week Intensive



MBA's 2-week intensives offer experienced brewers and cellar persons full immersion into most aspects of brewing and cellaring. This fast-paced intensive course will cover brewing science & brewing technology, as well as recipe formulation, working with a wild program, and building a quality lab. The middle Saturday of the 2-week course will be a "brew day" - you and your student colleagues will brew a full batch of beer on a 5 - 15 BBL system, and track fermentation over the following week. All of the classes take place in different production breweries throughout South Florida, giving you the chance to see the concepts you're learning in action; to get your "hands-on" the equipment as we discuss it and to work/shadow in the brewery as we go over the process. Also, by visiting as many as 8 breweries over the 2 weeks, you'll get to experience several different ways to approach the same brewing concept and learn from others' experiences. One of MBA's mottos - "If you ask 17 different brewers how to _____, you will get 17 different answers"! Our next 2-week intensive will be: 

Cost: $2,500 

(includes all materials, breakfast & Lunch each day)

Dates for 2022:

August 22 - Sept 2

Have questions? Contact Todd at MBA​​

MBA's weekend workshops are specially designed to provide experienced brewers/cellar persons with a deeper understanding of a particular concept in brewing science and/or technology. The goal is to help good brewers become great brewers, for good breweries to become great breweries, and to improve the overall quality of the craft beer industry as a whole. Future workshops may include yeast management, starting your own brewery, and sanitization. These workshops are mobile and can take place near you. If you would like MBA to bring a workshop to your city, let us know, and we'll see what we can do!


Our last workshop was on Yeast Management, which covered everything you need to take your cellaring operations to the next level, including yeast metabolism, yeast harvesting, counting & re-pitching, and propagation.

January 17-20 at Pantera Brewery in Guatemala City, Guatemala

October 10-13 at Barranco Beer Company in Lima, Peru

Tentative Dates for 2024: 






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