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Master Brewer Academy
the optimized brewer

The Optimized Brewer is a 12-week online brewing science incubator
that culminates with 4 days HANDS-ON in Miami.

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Hey Professional 

You make great beer because you WANT to make great beer.   You’ve taken all the skills learned on the job (OJT), reading brewing books, sifting through forums and checking out podcasts... only to realize your learning has lacked structure and perspective. 

Now its time to...
Get direct access to the answers and solutions you need.  We have an army of professors and industry experts.

The Optimized Brewer program from Master Brewer Academy is here to support your understanding of 

  • The “Whats going on” in your vessels

  • The interactions between raw materials + processes

  • The best data to gather to inform your brews

This Program is right for you

✔︎  Experienced brewers / cellar-persons ready to up-level their skills + increase earning potential. 

✔︎  Celebrated home brewer, considering a full  production brewery 

✔︎   Brewery owners / future investors who want to truly know their business + avoid costly mistakes. 

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  Online January 14 - April 4, 2024  


7 Live Online

Coaching Sessions

Master Brewer Academy

With interactive online discussions, you'll source the specific solutions and processes you need and can implement in your brewery today. Get the insight and advise from our wide range of brewing specialists. 

Every two weeks we go live online through zoom, and the replay will be available. 


Master Brewer Academy Videos + Assignments

Master Brewer Academy class

Each topic provides a Study Plan, detailing what videos, readings, podcasts and posts to read.  These vetted sources are organized strategically to ensure learning outcomes are achieved. 

Some content will be desk learning, while others can be listened to while at the brewery or during your commute.

Details + Dates

The Optimized Brewer is comprised of 3 main components
covering 6 core topics.
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In Person & Hands-on

April 22 - 25


Your time in Miami 

Brewing is a "hands-on" process, so now is when we take our online learning and make it practical! MBA will walk you step-by-step through each of the concepts we discussed online so you can go back to your brewery and implement with confidence. 


And here's what we'll be up to each day and which breweries we will visit...


Orientation & dive right into

Malt & Water





We'll brew 5 hL on an NSI 2 Vessel Jacketed System

(probably a lager)


See how"other" breweries do it



Harvest & QA


 Tuition: $1950


 Tuition does not include accommodations in Miami or meals.

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"Understanding what goes on molecularly in yeast and how to maintain the health of these organisms is something that will go a long way for us. We also particularly enjoyed learning how to set up a micro lab - we hadn't even considered cell count before, and now we cannot think of a scenario without it."

Ivan Wolozny

Owner / Brewer

Cerveceria Perla Negra

San Pedro Sula, Hondura


Core Topics

Although Brewing is "Synergistic" (all elements interact together), we delve into each ingredient separately and wrap up focusing on Quality Assurance. Each topic comes with a Study Plan that supplies you with

  • - recorded MBA lectures,

  • - selected readings from the Brewing Elements series,

  • - selected MBAA podcasts

  • - MBA resources (worksheets, Google Slides and more

  • - *Bonus material to deepen your understanding 

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Screen Shot 2023-04-29 at 7.48.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-29 at 7.48.33 AM.png

 Tuition: $1,950


Register and pay deposit by Sunday, November 12th

and save $250!


 Tuition does not include accommodations in Miami.

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sam quote_edited.jpg
Sam Phanor class of 2020,  posted this 2023.

About Master Brewer Academy

There is nothing we love more than taking a really good brewer, and giving them the technical brewing science that springboards them into becoming a next level brewer. 


Not only do our students make consistent beer they are proud of....



  • increase their earning potential

  • land their dream jobs 

  • win medals 

  • open their own breweries.


We hope you will join us online + in Miami, so we can support your #CareerInBeer.


Cheers 🍻


Todd Space- MBA Director of Education +

Fernando Finol- Profesora asistente en español 


Email: with any questions

Whats App:+13052059983

"If you want to learn more about beer and the craft beer industry, this is a great opportunity."

Thomas Nottebon

Owner Pantera Brewing Company

Quatemala City


How is this online program going to be better for me rather than simply finding onine resources? - The 2 key difference are the structure - MBA structures the content so each week builds on your understanding - and the fact that we meet with you regularly live via zoom to debrief the learning as you go.

I can join the online meetings no problem, but can't be in Miami in Nov for the in-person part. Can I still participate? -Sorry No. Due to the comprehensive nature of The Optimized Brewer program, the 4 day hands on in Miami is necessary. Stay on our email list to be notified when we do another online only program.

I've been brewing for 5 years and want to be sure the content will fulfill my growth needs. Is this an advanced class or basic? - First of all, we keep the enrollment to 10 or less brewers, so we can accomodate each learner independently. Secondly, our approach is to go deep into each area we cover so you get better understand the why's of what you do.

I want to open my own brewery, but will not be the brewer. Will this class be over my head? - Yes and no. We always recommend our trainings to owner investors because although you may not grasp all of the details, our strucutre and "tool box" of essential brewing techniques will help you guide your brewer to get you the highest quality, efficient and consistent beers. AND, save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

What days and times are the live zoom calls, and what if I need to miss one? - The first live call is an orientation call at 7pm, Sunday, Jan 14. The rest are all Thursday evenings from 7-8:30 pm EST: Jan 25, Feb 8 & 22, March 7 & 21 and April 4. They will be recorded, so if you miss one you can watch the recording and jump on a call with Todd with any direct questions.

Want to hear what RJ - owner of REPUBLICA BREWING in the Domincan REpublic says about MBA...?
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