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Brewing Education
Academy Philosophy


Although this is the "Master Brewer Academy", we feel strongly in encouraging our students to never truly try to "master" the craft of Brewing, rather, to collaborate with others, to be open to new ideas, and to keep up with the current trends in Brewing.

Mission - Students


The Mission of the Academy is 2-fold:

1) to instill in its "graduates" a normalcy of collaboration & self-study

2) To guide it's "graduates" to achieve mastery in multi-tasking & flexibility while marrying the art and science of Brewing

Mission - South Florida Brewing Community


The mission of the Academy is 3-Fold:

  1. To provide South Florida breweries with a fresh supply of locally trained brewers

  2. To emphasize the importance of Quality Control and consistency in Brewing.

  3. To build the SoFla Community of Professional Brewers


As a student of Master Brewer Academy, you will have access to South Florida's most acclaimed breweries. You will get the opportunity to gain a wide range of perspectives from each of their diverse &  innovative brewing methods. Learn more about some of them below...


Here is a sampling of some of the great brewers whose expertise, creativity, and attention to detail will provide you with the practical knowledge needed to ensure your success!

Director of Education - Todd H Space

Brewing Professional
Todd has been a science educator at the upper high school and basic college level for 16 years, holding a BA in Biology and an MA in Educational leadership.  His expertise lies in designing science curriculum and is steeped in Brewing Science. He also worked for 2 years as the lab tech at MIA Beer Co and consults with breweries looking to add QA to their existing set-up. Combining these two strengths, MBA curriculum is designed for diverse learning styles, emphasizes the need for hands-on, practical instruction, and balances the "Art" and "Science" of Brewing.


Here's what the Media are Saying about MBA...​
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