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Brewing Science Course

March 7 - 17

✔︎  For experienced brewers / cellar-persons ready to up-level their skills + increase earning potential.  


✔︎   Brewery owners / future investors who want to truly know their business + avoid costly mistakes. 


All classes are live and interactive on Miami time (EST) and the replay will be sent to those who can not attend live. 

Mon March 7 | 7-9:30 pm:         

Malting, Milling, Malt & Enzymes, Mash pH & Temp


Wed March 9 | 7-9:30pm:         

Conversion, COA's, Calcs, "the Boil", "Ask an Expert"


Fri March 11  | 7 -9pm:         

H2O Chem, Profiles / Styles, Calculations / Additions 


Sat March 12 | 9-12:   

Hop Prods & Selection, Lupulin, BU calcs, "Ask an Expert"


Mon March 14 | 7-9:30 pm:         

Dry Hopping, Measuring BUs, Case Studies / Presentations


Tues March 15 | 7-9:30 pm:           

Yeast, Sanitization, Monitoring Fermentation


Thu March 17 5 | 7-9pm:             

Pitching / Counting, Off-Flavors "Ask an expert"



*We offer live support for Spanish Speakers


“I just placed first with the saison I made and also placed first in best of show in the coconut cup and can say that I wouldn't have done it without your class.”

Jaime Camargo 
MBA Alumn

"Don't think about it, Just take it.
It’s worth it."

Rodrigo Longo

MBA Alumn

“The course is harder than you expect but will build the foundation of what you need to know to run a brewery.”
"An excellent program to learn and understand the key aspects of the brewing science and brewing process. Clear explanations and practical examples oriented to an industrial environment. Highly recommended."

Arturo Change

MBA Alumn

Henry Camajo

MBA Alumn

"Understanding what goes on molecularly in yeast and how to maintain the health of these organisms is something that will go a long way for us. We also particularly enjoyed learning how to set up a micro lab - we hadn't even considered cell count before, and now we cannot think of a scenario without it."

Ivan Wolozny

MBA Alumn

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There is nothing we love more than taking a really good brewer, and giving them the technical brewing science that springboards them into becoming a great brewer. 
Not only do our students make consistent beer they are proud of....
  • increase their earning potential
  • land their dream jobs 
  • win medals 
  • open their own breweries.
We hope you will join us online, so we can support your #CareerInBeer.
Todd Space- MBA Director of Education +
Fernando Finol- Profesora asistente en español 

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