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Professional Brewer Training
Nights & weekends
Jan 5 - Nov 18, 2023 

the year you make beer your career!!

Drop your email & we'll send you a 1 hour Fermentation Webinar replay so you can check us out.

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Designed for experienced brewers ready to take it to the next level, novices who want to get into the industry & potential brewery owners.


Brewing Science & technology, cellar science, quality assurance, sanitization, packaging and business ...everything you need!


Classes: Tues & Thurs 6-10pm

Sat 10-5 (calendar in syllabus)

3 week summer internship

Classes in Breweries, and brewers are professors.


"The course will be harder than you expect but will build the foundation of what you need to know to run a brewery" - Henry 

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